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Breaking boundaries and set new quality standards of high grade Liquid CO2 and Dry Ice in Indonesia.


Welcome to MIG.

With high-tech equipment, we are one of the best liquid CO2 and Dry Ice producers in Indonesia.

MIG is part of the Molindo Incorporated with Liquid CO2 as its main product, which is derived from the fermentation process. Operating at Jalan Sumberwaras Malang, PT Molindo Inti Gas sells products with the form of Liquid CO2 and also Dry Ice and is marketed with the Molindo CO2 brand.

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PT Molindo Inti Gas is one of the largest producers of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Indonesia with a production capacity of up to 15,360 tons / year.

With the Company's Group experience in the field of ethanol since 1965, PT Molindo Inti Gas has had “brand recognition” for food grade quality liquid CO2, both in the domestic and international markets.

The product variants of the fermentation process from PT Molindo Inti Gas are liquid CO2 products and also dry CO2 or what we often call dry ice. We market all of these products with the Molindo CO2 brand. We process the waste from this fermentation process further into organic fertilizer and potassium fertilizer with the Molindo Fertilizer brand.

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