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PT MOLINDO INTI GAS is part of the Molindo corporation. It was established with CO2 Gas as a product supported by Dry Ice, Liquid CO2, Dry Ice Blasting is one of our superior products, obtained from fermentation

The collaboration agreement between PT Molindo Raya Industrial and Praxair Inc., resulted in a company that had a local market supported by the experience of one of the world's largest gas industry companies. In 1999 PT Molindo Raya Industrial took over the shares of Praxair Inc, and the name of the company changed from PT Praxair Molindo to PT Molindo Inti Gas. PT Molindo Inti Gas is a gas industry with the main yield of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). By having high technology equipment, this company has become one of the largest producers of Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in Indonesia. The production capacity produced is 15,360 tons / year.

As an effort in business development, PT Molindo Inti Gas has made a new product that is Dry Ice, which actually is a solid CO2 product that we start to manufacture in 2013. Dry Ice products produced in the form of slices and pellets and this product has been able to meet the needs of customers with Food Grade quality, The benefits of Dry Ice are as food frozen as well as for medical purposes such as reagent preservatives, blood samples and vaccines. Besides that it can be applied to Dry Ice Blast Cleaning This type of cleaning is a safe solution for cleaning equipment used in food processing, manufacturing, automotive, printing, packaging, casting etc. The cleaning process uses CO2 pellets to offer better cleaning.


Our strength

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Our goal

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Our Vision

Become the best CO2 company in Indonesia in terms of quality and service to customers.

Our Mission

Providing the best service to customers by producing CO2 professionally.

Management of PT Molindo Inti Gas

Ir. Sandojo Rustanto President Commissioner
Ir.  Sandojo Rustanto
Drs. Indra Winarno, Msi Commissioner
Drs.  Indra Winarno, Msi
Handjojo Rustanto Commissioner
Handjojo Rustanto
Andri Julianto Commissioner
Andri Julianto
Eveline Valenciana, SE MM Director
Eveline Valenciana,  SE MM

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